The children of Wood and Laura goin, right to left: George Carlton, Lillian Ruby, James William. The photo was made in1902

Jim Goin, Laura Goin, Wood Goin James Goin and Ina Laura (baby) in 1922

Laura Goin, Sally Goin, Emma Blackwell - 1920

Wood and Laura Goin during 1940's

1920's Top Aunt Sally, Wood Goin, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jim Goin, Horace McKinney. Front: Unknown, Laura Goin, Unknown, John Goin

Old Holman house on the left and across street to east of home place on Hill Street

Ice buggy unloading ice in the Dyche Meat Market. Photo was made in street on North side of Meat Market which was located on the East Side of Main St

Wood Goin on the left, Bill Dyches, Dock Steel, and child is Garland Housden.

Wood and Laura Goin at cabins about 1946

Dad and Grandma's house in Aubrey before 1923

Wood Mize Goin holding son, George Carlton, seated by his wife Laura Jane Harmon Goin. Standing is his brother John William Goin who was deaf due to

a typhus infection. The photo was made in Pilot Point in 1894.

Laura Goin

Wood Goin and Lillian Goin about 1914

1946-47, bottom r to l: Bouncer, 16, Bobby 8, Mary 14, girl, girl. Top r to l, Jack Lantrip, Lucius Harmon, unknown, Jennie Lantrip, unknown, Dad

Goin, Uncle Gilbert Harmon, unknown, Grandma Laura, Jim Goin, Tally Harmon, unknown, Arthur Harmon. Photo made at 2804 N. Locust. Cabin in background with Goin on Wall winter picture.

Wood Goin barn is located about where the swimming pool is now. The land to left was farmed by Wood Goin.

Right to Left: Aunt Beulah Goin, Aunt Sally Goin Campbell, Laura Goin

Rev. Hubert Morce, Charlie Jones, Uncle John Goin and Wood Goin. Charlie's old 1942 chevy truck we called it Bertha. The house was located at old

hiway 24 west in Denton, by the branch where Western Sizzler is now.

George Goin, Jim Goin and Wood Goin This post card was mailed on Feb.10, 1911 at Arlington to Mrs. Laura Goin at

Aubrey. The message on back: "So I will give you this card, down here this morning, Dear sister how are you all? We are all up caring Campbell down and pneumonia and fever was 103 last night, Sallie.

Family Group on cellar behind house at 401 Hill Street in Aubrey

Wood and Laura Goin's house with grapevine

Wood, Bob, Albert and John Goin at old home place

Wood Goin at the Alamo

Wood Goin on the left