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Old Photos of Aubrey

To see Photos of Storm of 1918 - Click Here

Joe G. Powledge

was prominent in banking and the early businesses in Aubrey. He is reference to many times in the early newspaper write ups. He died

in 1925. This photo was taken between 1920 and 1924 in the Powledge front yard by the depot.

Lumber Yard behind hardware store.

Noah Edwards home on top of hill behind old Baptist church, where current Baptist church is located. Molly Edwards Graham lived in house when it

burned in 1938.

Aubrey First United Methodist Church

Wood Goin third on top from right, Laura Goin 2 rows from top in middle of door, Mrs. Texia Love behind sign, Mrs. Mann 1st on right bottom, Louise Madden in front of Grandma, Lybass twins behind Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Lipstru 2nd to right of granddad and John Taylor in front of Dad. Trigg Lawson 2nd from right on top row, his wife Mary Lawson is in the next row down 4th from the right. Cecil "Red" Lawson is in front of Mary (kinda to her right).

Morris Hotel, formerly the Mullins Hotel. It was located by the railroad looking to the east on the west side of the tracks about where the peanut

dryer is now.

Annie Mullins

Aubrey Christian Church on Main Street before 1918

Christian Church - North Main, Lillie Coffey, Annie Mullins, Martha (Mullin) Hodge, Mary MacIntosh

Downtown Aubrey April 16, 1918

Stock tank behind present John Henry Wilsons home. Photo taken in abou 1918.

Right to Left, Sam Mundy, Otis Mundy, Barney Mundy

Still Guards

Scale House on Main Street

Mr. and Mrs. George Button 50th Anniversary

Aubrey School 1910

Aubrey School 1912

Powledge Store

Sarah Housden and Lillie Nations

1930 Friendship School, Back row: l-r Doyle Cogburn, Joe Tomberlin, Billy Gene Powell, Donald Bell, xx Allen, Joe Bob Powell, Weldon Hinsley, Alton

Watson, James Odell, Wesley Redrearn. Second Row: Winston Connors, Joyce Phinney, xx Mudd, Helen Hall, Joyce Stiles, Ruth Osburn, Mary Jo Cogburn, Betty Watkins, Bernice Allen, Louise Sparkman, Lewis Hall, Earl Odell. Front Row: Bulah Lyn Sparkman, May Lou Tomberlin, Jacobina Cogburn, Joyce Odell, xx, Betty Lois Rudd, xx, xx, May Lee Cox, Paula Osburn, Charles Osburn, Jackie Southerland, Jerry Cox, Hubert Foutch, G.W. Bellar, Hillford, Clifton Watson, Wendell Sparkman, Leonard Hall


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