The Passage of Time


The passage of time, as such, has meant very little to me because, perhaps, the important or interesting events of my life have been so colorfully imprinted in a pigeon hole of my mind that I could recapture them quickly, or parts of them.

Occasionally, someone tells me that he, or she, has forgotten a first day at school, or other (to me) important dates. Of course, I cannot recall all the important parts of that day, but certain tiny events return to me, as if they were sections in a comic strip. These tiny happenings, and the ability to recapture them after a lifetime has passed, have served to draw me close to young people, capture their interest and command their respect.

This ability, gift if you choose to call it such, has served in many capacities;

one is an understanding of personal problems, by being able to recall when a similar situation was mine and how I was affected by it. Only situations and surroundings change. Time and human nature never do.

If Cain hadn’t been a spoiled child, or had a jealous brother, certainly his history would have had a different recording. And while a personal nature does not change basically, his reaction follows a general pattern of reaction.

This recognition of life as I see it may be the key to the fact that at an age when many people are ready (and want) to retire, I find a zest, zip and zing

to life that intoxicates me. Heady and heedless I greet each day with the same anticipation I explore a new and colorful book.

Sometimes I ‘draw a dud” but not often. Each day is a new beginning; and if I didn’t have to work for a living, I would miss the impact of life. I do though, sometimes, wish that I could make others see how wonderful nature is and how good God is.

And, feeling sorry for myself, defensively I wish I had more time for referendum, recall and recording.