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Caddell Family Photos

Lewis Green Jr. Caddell's Family at his home in Aubrey. From left: Alvin Caddell, Mattie Caddell holding Alice, Minnie Caddell, Haynie holding

unknown, unknown man, Lum Haynie, 2 unknown daughters in front, unknown, unknown, unknown elderly lady, Lewis Green Caddell, Mary Elizabeth Phillips Caddell, unknown boy with crutch, Della Caddell Tidmore, Lewis Hiram Caddell, Katie Boozer, Caddell holding Nova, Clem Hugh (Bud) Caddell, next woman is Lela Caddell holding Velma, standing child is Ruby, Behind Lela is unkown, far right is Bazzie Levi (Jack) Caddell

Lewis Green Caddell's home in 1890's in Aubrey

Lewis Green Caddell's Home rebuilt in 19xx


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